Apply to play

Apply to perform at Wirrina 2018

Get in early for 2018

Send us an email and let us know about your band or act. A web link to your music would be a great too. Numbers are limited.

If you are accepted as a performer, you will be asked to provide a promotional photograph and a detailed description of your music and your band/performer/s for the Program and our website.

Wirrina Bluegrass amplification policy

Amplification is used to balance the instruments and make the music accessible to a large group of people to enjoy. All stages use high-quality PA systems.

The Wirrina Bluegrass Festival is about showcasing Bluegrass and its acoustic cousins. It has come about through a partnership between the Yankalilla Acoustic Music group and SA’s Bluegrass musicians.

The SA Bluegrass music community has very high-quality musicians some with over 40 years of experience and a passion that they want to share through our festival. Most of these musicians play acoustic instruments.

Code of practice

  • Amplification is used to balance volume levels of instruments playing together.
  • Electronic effects are seen as music distortion, not music enhancement.
  • If your instrument requires amplification to balance its volume to the acoustic guitar in festival sessions, a small battery powered amp is appropriate.
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