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Apply to perform at Wirrina 2018

Applications for 2018 are now closed

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in performing at Wirrina in 2018. We had applicants from around Australia and across the seas. As a small festival, running on the smell of the proverbial oily rag, we are limited in our ability to host overseas performers. However, we have been able to put together a line-up of superb world-class musicians. Our policy is to make some space for newcomers to Wirrina from year to year, but we do love to have regular local acts come back to play. If you missed out this year, please don’t be put-off applying again next year. And come along to the Festival anyway—there are open mic spots and sessions around the clock!

Wirrina Bluegrass amplification policy

Amplification is used to balance the instruments and make the music accessible to a large group of people to enjoy. All stages use high-quality PA systems.

The Wirrina Bluegrass Festival is about showcasing Bluegrass and its acoustic cousins. It has come about through a partnership between the Yankalilla Acoustic Music group and SA’s Bluegrass musicians.

The SA Bluegrass music community has very high-quality musicians some with over 40 years of experience and a passion that they want to share through our festival. Most of these musicians play acoustic instruments.

Code of practice

  • Amplification is used to balance volume levels of instruments playing together.
  • Electronic effects are seen as music distortion, not music enhancement.
  • If your instrument requires amplification to balance its volume to the acoustic guitar in festival sessions, a small battery powered amp is appropriate.
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