2017 program Sunday


TIMEConcert MarqueeOpen Mic. TentWoolshed WorkshopsVerandah SessionsUkulele Zone
9.30amCommunity Gospel SingingBluegrass Banjo with Geoff Bridgland
10.00am Fiddle workshop with
Trev Warner
11.00amBlackboard performances Hosted by Glen ParsonsFiddle maintenance
workshop with Hugh Gordon
Learn to Play Ukulele by Ear: workshop with Shelley Wigley and Chris Carr
Bowen & Clare
12.00pmRhythm guitar workshop
with Philomena Carroll
& Paul Wookey
Nine Mile Creek: lead sessionSouthern Ukulele Strummers: led session
12.15pmCourtney Robb & Snooks La Vie
1.00pmSlim DimeBlackboard performances Hosted by John DuffyAccompanying and arranging ideas for all instruments. Workshop with Linda Rankin and Allye SinclairBluegrass Junction: led sessionOpen mic. concert
—two songs each
1.45pmNine Mile Creek
2.30pmPhilomena Carroll & Paul Wookey
3.15pmBluegrass Junction

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