2018 program Sunday

TIMEConcert MarqueeBlackboard TentWoolshed WorkshopsVerandah Sessions
9.30amCommunity Gospel Singing with festival artistsWorkshop with Cat & Clint: Old Time BanjoImpromptu sessions until 12.00
10.30am Workshop with Paddy Montgomery: Greek Music
11.00amBlackboard Concerts
11.30amCrooked RoadWorkshop with Shelley Wigley: Ukulele
12.00pmSession with Buckley's Chance
12.20pmSaltwater Taffy
12.30amWorkshop with Heath Joyce: Mandolin
1.00pmSession with Crooked Road
1.05pmCat & Clint
1.55pmBlue Limit
2.00pmOld Time Tunes with Philomena & Paul
2.45pmBuckley's Chance
3.35pmThe Rev & Mrs Rowdy's HootImpromptu sessions until they stop!
4.25pmFestival Close and Thanks
4.35pmApostle String Band

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