2017 program Saturday

TIMEConcert MarqueeOpen Mic. TentWoolshed workshopsVerandah SessionsUkulele Zone
9.45amMandolin workshop
with Andrew Clermont
10.00amAcoustic percussion workshop with Bowen
& Clare
11.00amThe Cherry PickersBlackboard concerts
20 minute sets
Hosted by John Duffy
Harmonica workshop
with Mij Tanith
Develop your rock
star rhythm hand—
Rock 'n Roll Uke Styles
workshop with Chris Carr and Shelley Wigley
11.45amThe Reverend and Mrs Rowdy Band
12pmOld-time banjo workshop
with Philomena Carroll
Bowen & Clare: led sessionUkulele workshop
with Ian Stehlik
(AKA Dr. Zot)
12.30pmIn Your Dreams String Band
1.00pmBlackboard concerts
20 minute sets
Hosted by Henk Groot
Scottish Fiddle Technique workshop with Linda Rankin and Allye SinclairThe Cherry Pickers: led sessionSavoir Plunk: led session
1.15pmWeeping Angels
2.00pmNine Mile Creek The Rev. and Mrs Rowdy Band: led sessionWillunga Ukulele Group:
led session
2.45pmBowen & Clare
3.00pmBlackboard concerts
20 minute sets
Hosted by Glen Parsons
Ukulele workshop
with Ian Stehlik
(AKA Dr. Zot)
3.30pmDirtyfrankSlim Dime: led session
4.15pmSavoir Plunk
4.30pmBUSH DANCE with
Lasseter's Gold
5.00pmAndrew Clermont's Supper Club ConcertBlackboard concert
2 songs each
Hosted by Bob Molloy
7.00pmThe Rev. and Mrs Rowdy
7.45pmSlim Dime
8.30pmThe Cherry Pickers
9.15pmPhilomena Carroll & Paul Wookey
10.00pmNine Mile Creek
10.45pmAndrew Clermont's Super Club Sessions

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