2018 program Saturday

TIMEConcert MarqueeBlackboard TentWoolshed workshopsVerandah Sessions
9.30amFiddle workshop
with Andrew Clermont
Workshop with Shelley Wigley: Ukulele
9.45amWorkshop with The Sherrahs: Vocal Harmony
10.30 amWorkshop with Geoff Bridgeland & Trevor Warner: Fiddle Styles
10.45amWorkshop with Stephen Loss: Bass
11.00amBlue LimitBlackboard concerts
11.45amBluegrass Session with Bluegrass Junction
11.50amPaul Reynolds
12.30pmWorkshop with Philomena Carrol: Rhythm Guitar
12.40pmSaltwater TaffyOld Time Session with Cat & Clint
1.30pmThe SherrahsWorkshop with Innes Cambell: Bluegrass Guitar
1.45pmBluegrass Session with Blue Limit
2.20pmOpenHouseWorkshop with Paddy Montgomery: Bluegrass Mandolin
2.45pmSinging Session with Philomena & Paul
3.10pmBluegrass Junction
4.00pmCat & Clint
4.45pmDinner BreakTraditional BUSH DANCE with
Lasseter's Gold
6.00pmThe SherrahsImpromptu sessions—they run 'till they stop!
7.40pmBluegrass Junction
8.30pmInnes & Jody
9.20pmCrooked Road
10.10pmApostle String Band
11.05pmLate Supper Club

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