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Tickets already purchased for the 2020 Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival will be fully refunded

As promised, your tickets will be fully refunded for the now cancelled 2020 Festival.

We are incurring some losses in cancelling the festival, mostly booking fees. If you would like to help out with that, please email us and we will deduct any donation you care to make from your refund (If we don’t hear from you, we’ll happily refund your ticket in full). It all goes back into the fund for the next festival, which will now be 2021. We’ll be starting to process refunds from next week. There are a lot to work our way through but it will happen.

Weekend tickets

Adult (18+)  $85.00
Youth (under 18)  FREE

Friday tickets

Adult (18+)  $30.00
Youth (under 18)  FREE

Saturday tickets

Adult (18+)  $50.00
Youth (under 18) FREE

Saturday evening

(6pm onwards)

Adult (18+)  $30.00
Youth (under 18) FREE

Sunday tickets

Adult (18+)  $30.00
Youth (under 18)  FREE

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