Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the festival accessible for people with a disability?

A. The festival is at a caravan park and venues are marquees on the oval with chairs inside and space available for wheelchairs or scooters. The cafe and campground office is up about 4 steps.  The festival office, CD stall and performance venues have no steps. We are confirming the situation with the toilet block.  Hot water, powered sites available. Patrons with a Companion Card may use it to obtain a ticket for their required companion on site. We do our best to share the festival experience with all patrons, but owing to the nature of the outside event, some may find the venue challenging.

Q. Is there public transport to the festival?

A. Yes! Sealink have a once per day bus service to Cape Jervois which passes by the front gate of Wirrina. It leaves from the Adelaide Central Bus Station. Call the Sealink office (13 13 01) for further information and bookings. You will need to be able to walk about 1 km from the bus stop, as it will drop you at the Wirrina main road entrance, but not right at the festival entrance.

Q. Can I get a lift to the festival?

A. You are welcome to post on our Facebook page if you are looking for transport to and from the festival.  We can’t guarantee anything but will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can help.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Your well behaved dog is welcome at the festival but should remain on a lead no longer than 2 metres in length. Dogs are not permitted inside the kiosk. They must not be left unattended at any time. See the Wirrina Cove Holiday Park website for further details.

Q. Should I bring a chair?

A. Please bring your own camping chair for this years’s COVID-safe festival.

Q. What will the weather be like in November?

A. We usually manage to conjure up beautiful clear sunny skies during the day, but November can be quite chilly at night on the Fleurieu Peninsula. So pack a warm coat and your favourite beanie for the evenings. Daytime maximum temperatures in November range between 20 and 26 degrees C. There may be the odd shower and it can get a little windy especially as the sunsets.

Q. What about food?

A:  The kiosk sells great coffee, breakfasts, burgers, fries, soft drinks and not-so-soft drinks. (Yes, the kiosk is licensed.) So, you don’t need to be prepared for a survival adventure! You are welcome to bring your own supplies. There’s also a camp kitchen and barbecues.. The nearest supermarket is located at Normanville.

Q. Can I get cash out at the festival?

A.  The short answer is ‘no’. The nearest ATMs are at Normanville or the Yankalilla IGA. Come cashed up!

Q. Can anyone join in the jam sessions?

A. Of course!  We are an inclusive lot. No matter what your level of experience, bring along your instrument/s and join in.

Q. What camping gear will I need?

A. Nobody expects you to have the latest Kathmandu gear, so bring whatever is going to make you comfortable.  Tent and groundsheet, camp stove (that you know how to use), table and chair, esky or icebox for your food and drink.  Warm sleeping gear—sleeping  bag or blankets, and if you’ve never been before, bring more bedding than you think you’ll need!

Q. Can I take photo's?

A. Yes. Bring your camera. But keep the flash to a minimum if you’re taking shots during performances. They can be distracting.

Q. What else should I bring?

A.  Here are a few things that could be useful to have on hand:

  • A torch or camp light
  • Raincoat/ warm coat
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Beanie
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm clothes
  • Gum boots if it looks like rain
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee ‘keep’ mug—to reduce takeaway cup waste
  • Camp cooking utensils
  • Camp crockery and cutlery
  • Extra blanket
  • Ear plugs — if you’re sensitive to campground noise.

Q. I'm a beginner musician. What should I bring?

A. If you play an instrument, bring spare strings/picks/whatever else you need.  Bring your tuner!  If you are in early stages of learning your instrument, bring it along and don’t be afraid to bring your song books.  Ask more experienced players for help tuning or with any other aspect of playing. Nobody bites and they would probably love to play with you!

Q. I don't play an instrument. Can I still come along?

A. Yes!!! We love our audiences. We want you and we need you!

Q. Do I need to pre-book for the workshops?

A. No. Just check the program for the time and location and turn up. You can also just watch if you don’t have the specific workshop instrument. All welcome!

Q. I want to perform on the blackboard stage. What gear should I bring?

A. The stage is equipped with microphones and stands, a PA, and someone will be working the sound desk. BYO leads and music stands if you use them. Talk to the stage manager before your allotted time slot about any particular needs.

Q. Can I register for a blackboard spot before the festival?

A. No. It’s best to arrive on Friday and put your name down. There may well be opportunities to do a second time slot, but sign up for one time slot first.

Q. How long are the blackboard slots?

A. Generally around 15  to 20 minutes depending on demand. If it’s quiet you may have more time. Come early for your allocated time and be ready to go on stage promptly.

Q. Can I bring alcohol into the festival?

A. Yes. However you may not bring your own into the bar area. Please take bottles home with you to recycle.

Q. Is the festival smoke free?

A. No. However please don’t light up inside any of the marquees or in the bar. Put butts into the appropriate bins.

Q. Can we have a campfire?

A. Yes. You can have a small campfire as long as it meets CFS guidelines. The Park requires guests to use only seasoned cut firewood and any overly smoky fires need to be extinguished on request. You can bring their own firewood, but it must be pre-cut. They do not allow scavenging for timber within the Park (or on surrounding neighbouring property), with the exception of sticks/twigs for kindling. Sticks must be ‘narrower than your thumb.’ The use of axes, chainsaws or other implements are not permitted within the Park.

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