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The Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival is an annual gathering for people to hear, play and share acoustic music from the Bluegrass, ‘Old Timey’ and other related traditions.

Bluegrass is great music. That’s why it heads up our festival. Our stage attracts world-class musicians; many come back each year to perform, to run workshops, and to join in the fun and inspiration of all that a Wirrina festival is.

Festival News

2020 Festival update

At this stage, we are thrilled to be GOING AHEAD with planning the gathering for November 2020 but with a few changes.

Anything we plan this year has to be prepared for change—we don’t know what might crop up at the last moment, and we are very aware that anyone might be compelled to pull the plug on planning an event close to time this year. Or, we might need to modify what we plan. Whatever happens, please be patient with us and each other if changes are needed.  We’d like to put on a fine weekend for those who are able to attend, and we will do our best to balance that with our responsibility to each other.

With that in mind, we have come up with a plan that will enable us, providing circumstances permit, to get together for an excellent weekend in our music community, for those able to travel to the caravan park. We’ll see some physical changes this year in the venue.  We intend to arrange things a bit differently around the caravan park, and make the best possible use of spaces to enable us to play together, while keeping enough distance and ventilation happening.

You’ll also see some changes in how we formulate this year’s program. We’re still working on how we approach this, and will keep communicating with you about this. More on this as time progresses but we really want people to be able to join in the usual activities of our festival, while maintaining appropriate levels of physical distance.

Travel: it seems evident that things are going to keep changing over time, and we don’t know what borders will be open or closed in late November.
As much as we want all of you to be able to travel freely and join us, we do not want anyone to breach quarantine or to travel through or from areas of high risk.  We also need to comply with all relevant State and Federal rules that are in place at the time.  So, if you’re from outside SA, please keep an eye on the situation as things unfold closer to festival time, before booking your ticket.

We’ll be in touch about more details as they crop up.  Let us know anything you need to  [email protected].

Artist announcements coming very soon!

Volunteers—the 2020 Festival will need extra helpers

The caravan park has masses of well-ventilated camping space available and we will be encouraging spreading out the campsites. We have plans in place for regular cleaning of facilities. This means we do need a bunch of extra volunteers this year, not only for the usual jobs, but to enable extra cleaning of seating and equipment on a regular basis, and to support Holly and Ben (our hosts) to clean the campground facilities at a rate appropriate for a crowd of people during a pandemic. Please email us if you’re up for cleaning crew duty. The more people, the lighter the workload.

Get involved!

There are a variety of ways to participate in the festival.

  • Apply to play on the program
  • Bring your instrument/s and play at one of the walk-up stages
  • Join in the hosted sessions
  • Attend an instrumental or vocal workshop
  • Run a workshop
  • Jam around the fire-pits
  • Come to watch and listen as part of the audience
  • Volunteer on the festival crew; six hours of service = one free festival ticket!

Book accommodation at Wirrina

Book your Wirrina Cove Holiday Park accommodation via their online booking system— for cabins and powered sites. Some changes are being looked into regarding camping fees and ticketing this year. More on this to come over the next few weeks.

Reducing waste at Wirrina

We ask patrons to spare a thought for the environment and the volunteers who clean up after the festival. Thank you for helping us to reduce the rubbish. Lets keep up the great effort in 2020!  Reduce, reuse, recycle. 


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Book tickets

Watch this space for ticket news— coming soon.

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