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Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival

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The Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival

2024 Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival

Following on from another wonderful Festival in 2023, the committee are now into the planning stage for the 2024 Festival. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and of course come back to this site for details.

Festival datesNov 22—24,  2024. That’s the 4th full weekend in November.

Wirrina Music Camp 2024

After the success of the Wirrina Music Camp in 2022 and 2023, we are planning for the Wirrina Music Camp 2024.
This will be held over the 3 days leading up to the Festival, at Wirrina Cove Holiday Park. Watch this space for further details.

Interested? Read more…
Please send us an email to express your interest in attending the camp: [email protected]



There are many options for sessions and  jamming at Wirrina Festivasl. So bring your instrument/s and join in the fun!

Irish/Celtic Sessions. Bluegrass and Old Time sessions, plus spontaneous sessions of any style can be held in the Open Mic tent, the Workshop tent  and around the fire pits after the end of programmed events each evening.

During performances …

Our performers come from far and wide and rehearse hard to play for Wirrina audiences. Please be aware that jamming, talking and other noise travels far, so we ask you to keep that in mind when near concerts on the main stage and open mic stage. Please turn mobile phones to silent, give your attention to the performers and move away from the stages for chatting and socialising— there is plenty of space for this that won’t disrupt concerts.

Many thanks for being mindful.

Get involved!

There are a variety of ways to participate in the festival.

  • Apply to play on the program
  • Bring your instrument/s and play at the black-board tent
  • Join in the hosted sessions
  • Attend an instrumental or vocal workshop
  • Run a workshop
  • Jam in the session area
  • Come to watch and listen as part of the audience
  • Volunteer on the festival crew; six hours of service = one free festival ticket!

Book accommodation at Wirrina

Please go to the Wirrina Cove Holiday Park website to book your accommodation for the Festival—camping, caravans, and cabins available.

Reducing waste at Wirrina

We ask patrons to spare a thought for the environment and the volunteers who clean up after the festival. Thank you for helping us to reduce the rubbish. Lets keep up the great effort in 2023!  Reduce, reuse, recycle. 


Festival merchandise

Yes, there will be ‘merch’ in 2023! We love it when you buy from us because it all goes towards running the Festival. Details to be announced.

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